I am a “former of solid objects,” and am happiest when being creative. As a very tactile person I prefer working in 3 dimensions to maximize the physical interaction with what I create.After attending the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, I became a metalsmith.I then discovered stone carving in the 90’s and now enjoy sculpting with alabaster and

soapstone. My desire to create larger pieces for outdoor spaces has me pursuing work incement and welding. I also focus some of my time and energy working in clay, a definite challenge to learn the limitations, yet as I develop a deeper understanding of the

material the possibilities seem endless and exciting.

I have decided that the best way to sell my work is to have any interested buyer/s get in contact with me directly at either Carole@ckbsculptor.com or by phone at 781-307-0475. It is too complicated to figure out all the details, especially handling and shipping directly on this site. I apologize for any inconvenience and I love the idea of communicating directly with any folks who would like to purchase my work. 

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