This is the first in a series of vessels that I am currently producing with much joy. Each one will be different and I have really no idea what the end result will be until I finish the piece. They take quite a few hours to build and a whole lot of clay. I have chosen 4 color clays that I feel work well together in their contrasting tones. I roll out the clays and tear them into pieces of various sizes. Then I begin building, the vessel takes on it's shape as the pieces come together. After it is bisque fired I then glazed the interior with 'Chinese Redf', a color that offsets the red clay I used forming the base of the vessel. The dimensions are listed but they are approximate since the piece is not geometrical and easy to measure. Both the width and height vary depending at what angle you are looking at the piece. It will hold water.

Approximate Dimensions 11.25" Height X 10.5 Diameter, Weight 7 Lb 3.2 oz

Vessel #1 - 4 clays


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