Frustrating, Fun, Overwhelming, Successful, we hope!!

I am a starving artist, well not exactly starving because I just had lunch, but what I mean to say is that I have to get discovered. To do so these days one has to expose themselves on the world wide web, which is where I am at, just beginning to put together a website by myself with absolutely no idea of how.

I began by googling 'create a website' and then had to deal with all the choices. How does one know who is legit, who is after your money and who can really help you with your quest? I narrowed it down to a couple and chose So far I have only called them once for support but they were great and let me know that I was not bothering them at all. My site is definitely a work in progress so any help, comments, criticism (be easy on me)etc. that comes my way will be a real help.

I have been procrastinating about tackling social media, creating a website, selling online and all that marketing stuff for about a year now, ever since I seriously started creating pieces to sell. What finally gave me the energy to proceed was that gaggle of adorable little girls you see me with along with my wonderful, very supportive husband Ib. We spent a week together just recently, celebrating my 70th along with my kids and their significant others. We laughed a lot, played a lot, created amazing memories and I came away from it feeling like I am truly blessed. Now I can put all my energy into creating and selling my works, well almost all of it, life is made to be enjoyed in many ways.

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