A Lot to Learn

When I attended The Museum School years ago I really had no idea who I was and what I wanted to do, now 53 years later I am figuring it out. Creating has been in my life all along but now I realize it is what identifies me. In order to be able to continue pursuing different creative mediums I have to start selling my creations, well some of them at least. I was very proud of this ceramic candle holder but if you pick it up you will see that the bottom is not finished properly. I chose to start working in clay hoping for more of a market for ceramic pieces since my stone carvings sculptures were not walking out of the gallery. I did not realize how much I had to learn but I am loving it and sticking with it. I am lucky to be a part of Earthstar Pottery( http://www.johnquimbyceramics.com/Earth_Star_Studio.html)

in Hartland,VT, right on Rte 5 if you are ever in the area, stop in. We are 30 potters, mostly doing hand building, creating unique pieces. It is a wonderful community to be a part of being led my a remarkable woman, Barbara Lane.

Starting up this website and trying to blog is all part of my marketing strategy, hopefully it will work. I would love to just create and have someone do all the rest but it doesn't work that way and I am actually feeling pretty good at my small accomplishments in this new world. Like I am learning in clay it's also true for marketing, there is a lot to learn.

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