Is it Wrong

to publish a website before it is finished? I tend to be impatient and want things done, not necessarily a good thing, but in this case I hope it is okay because I was excited about finally taking the plunge and putting a website together so I wanted it to be up an running right away. I get very enthusiastic about what I am doing, and that positive energy brightens my day, my 'life path'. This picture on the left is of a stone sculpture before it was finished, there were many more hours of, tweaking, sanding and polishing before I finally felt it would be done. That doesn't mean that it was unpleasant to look at this stage, for the beauty of the stone and the potential of the finished piece were already visible. I hope anyone coming across my website feels the same way and decides to start following my journey to see the end result. The next step in this project is to set up the galleries of my work in different mediums and then to set up the store. Please stay tuned for I don't think you will regret it.

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