How do I channel that ability the younger generation seems to have in navigating all this new technology? I get so frustrated that I want to quit what I am trying to accomplish, but I can't because I need to figure it out in order to move forward with my project. I just spent the entire morning trying to upload pictures from my phone to my PC in order to set up the gallery and the store on my new website. I know that it should be quite straight forward but my aging phone is not cooperating, the files are saved but can't get them uploaded. Please, don't get me going on the 'HELP' button, they never give you the answer to the questions you ask and it is virtually impossible to actually talk to someone for help.

There are far too many choices of what system is the best for your purposes and you can't count on the reviews for nowadays those I being generated by robots. It's quite disconcerting to find that when you finally make a choice, a great program for free that is working, you quickly find out the that version doesn't have the capacity you need and you have to upgrade, at a fee, in order for it to complete its function..

Glad I got that of my chest, thanks, just needed to vent. After lunch I will head to my local cell phone store to find a young soul to help this aging fool get current.

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