A First in a Series

I am creating vessels, that is what Barbara Lane, owner of Earthstar Pottery in Hartland, VT, calls them and I love it. They are 12 to 16 inches tall, made of up to 4 different colored clays, glazed on the inside and just natural on the outside. This slightly foggy photograph is of my first one and I have 2 more waiting to be fired. Working with clay is really teaching me to be patient and honest. If you look at this photo you see a nice vessel that some folks would like to purchase. I look at it and see a nice vessel that I would love to sell, but ........ I shouldn't. It has a very obvious flaw that makes it unsalable, so it has become what is known in the studio as 'A First in a Series'. We learn from our mistakes and move on to produce similar pieces that are hopefully, flawless. This particular vessel has a crack in the base that I have filled with epoxy paste, it still leaks a bit so when creating this arrangement I just stuck a large yogurt container inside it to hold the flowers. I will work on fixing the leak but honestly, it should not be up for sale. Anyway, that's okay for I have really come to love it. Eventually I will have a page on this website of pieces that will be known as 'Not Quites' or as some would say seconds. Those will have quirks that keep them from being perfect but not from finding a good home and anyway one could think of a flaw as an indication that the piece is handmade, right?

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