Stop, Look, Listen, Touch, Smell and Taste

If you are caught up in the fast pace of life, you are probably not able to take time to "stop and smell the roses", as they say, but you should. We are gifted with 5 amazing senses that we, unfortunately pretty much take for granted, not taking the time to fully reflect on the pleasures that they bring us.

My new awareness could be something that happens as you get older for I find that I am appreciating things more now, realizing that there is a limit to my existence. I also find that if I am able to slow down and really be in the moment my days are fuller and seem longer because of my heightened awareness of everything around me.

Nature around us is art at its highest level and we, as artists, are just amateurs trying to create pieces that reflect some of that power. One reason I sculpt in stone is for the tactile pleasure I get as it evolves into a final statement, but I know that I can never create the awe that Mother Nature has. That's okay for I have learned that I need not compete with her, I just have to honor her and let my senses fully acknowledge her creativity.

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