To Be Legitimized, Feels Great!

I recently had some of my pieces excepted for sale at 'Local Works, Marketplace at WREN'(Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network)in Bethlehem,NH. Last Monday my husband Ib and I headed out to see the current show in their gallery. I have 2 pieces in that show (1 piece, far left on table, photograph below) and was unable to make the opening reception. I was excited to see my work displayed in the show and was very impressed to see how well it had been curated.

That joy was only enhanced when I went to check on my pieces in the store and came across the display (shown here, left photograph). I now feel that this is not a dream, this is real and I am an artist who is selling her work. I walked out of that store so excited and ready to create more inventory.

Sales are by no means consistent as of yet but the fact that I am getting my work out there, and it being welcomed so enthusiastically brings so much new energy and confidence to what I am doing. Remember the 'Little Blue Engine that Could', well this engineer just made it to the top of the hill!

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